Upon graduating from the special 3 year studio program at Central Technical School in Toronto (1969-1972), Myron moved to Vancouver, B.C. where he began interpreting the Canadian landscape through silk screen prints, watercolours, chalk pastels, acrylic stain on raw canvas and acrylic with mixed medium on plywood.

With an approach to the imagery which is at once, both representational and minimal and through the use of layered inks, washes and translucent applications of paint, he spent the next 15 years exploring the effects of light and weather on the Canadian landscape.

In 1990, Myron joined he Exhibitions Division at the Art Gallery of Ontario, where he enjoyed the opportunity to have a hands on involvement with the exhibition program and to work with such inspirational artists as Paterson Ewen, before taking an early retirement in 2009.

After completing a number of other projects, Myron returned to landscape painting, initially by working with acrylic wash over galvanized steel and canvas on wood panels and then with watercolour.

While most of his recent work is based on photographs, drawings or watercolours made in Italy (2013) and France (2014), they easily evoke the foothills of Alberta, the prairie landscape of Saskatchewan or the west coast of Vancouver Island.